For the 2021 season, our theme is ‘Music & Place’ – we are planning three concerts and community workshops based on this theme. Prior to that, we have been realising Online Creative Projects as a way of recognising the importance of maintaining creativity and inspiration in daily life, especially during the lockdown.

The #AsYouSayIt project started back at the end of June, we asked the general public to send us words that evoke ‘place’ for them. We’ve collated all the words submitted and transformed them into a Word Cloud.

In August, we held an open call for composers, improvisers, musicians of all kinds to send us a sound file as a creative musical response to one or more of the words in this word cloud. We then commissioned two artists to create a sound and text animation work. Neil Luck mixed the sound submissions and Toby Elwes created the animation using the words from the Word Cloud.

Here it is! We hope you enjoy it.

Many thanks to those who submitted the words and sounds.

Sound contributions by

Olie Taylor, Zina Melekki, Jessica Jakeman, The Keeling Curve (Rhiannon Bedford and Will Frampton), Henrietta Hill, Alistair Zaldua, Hugh Schulte, Aryaman Natt

Sound mix by Neil Luck | Animation by Toby Elwes