About Us

At NW Live Arts, we believe everyone should be able to experience a live, classical music event, whatever their background.

What We Do

We create stimulating live classical and world music performances to inspire new musical encounters, challenge preconceptions and empower communities to forge a lifelong relationship with music.​

Life can be confusing and sometimes traumatic and each of our concerts focusses on a social theme such as migration, climate change or mental health. Using music and other art forms, we enable communities to explore these complex issues safely and with creativity.

Watch this fantastic introduction to NW Live Arts video: who we are, what we do and meet some of our amazing artists. Cinematography: Toby Elwes.

Our Concerts and Musicians

We stage our events in local neighbourhood venues with the aim of reaching new and overlooked audiences. We explore new contexts for performance and break the mould of the traditional classical concert.

By bringing classical and world music together, we create exciting experiences, explore new sounds and dissolve boundaries in music and society.

We collaborate with high-calibre international musicians including Kuljit Bhamra MBE, Alkyona String Quartet and Tunde Jegede, to bring live music into wonderful spaces such as Kentish Town Health Centre, Salvation Army Hall, healthcare centres and small community venues.

Our Workshops

We value the creative imagination of everyone who wants to get involved with us.

Alongside our concerts we run workshops that enable communities to explore social issues through art. Our workshops are led by musicians, visual artists, writers, actors and dancers and no previous experience is required to participate.

Our Partners

Our mission is to bring music to those who have the least and those who are struggling. Working with our wonderful partners we run workshops that empower and benefit their members as well as offering free tickets to our concerts.

Support Us

If you believe in our vision and would like to help more people access extraordinary music, please consider giving us a one-off or monthly donation by clicking the button here. Thank you.

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