Music and Renewal

Video Workshop

By NW Live in association with the Free Space Project

05/02/2020 - 10.30am - 1.00pm

12/02/2020 - 10.30am - 1.00pm

19/02/2020- 10.30 am- 1.00pm

Explore what renewal means to you in these 3 creative video workshops with Artist Antonia Attwood.

During these workshops you are invited to explore what renewal means to you through a number of different writing and creative techniques. You will then shoot footage inspired by this and learn how to edit it together with the help of artist Antonia Attwood. The work created in the sessions will be showcased along side our ‘Music and Renewal’ concert that is taking place on the 20th March 2020.

We look forward immensely to seeing the new work that will be produced at the concert!

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Music and Body

Creative Writing Workshop

By NW Live in association with Write to Life ( Freedom from Torture's creative writing group) and the Free Space Project

October 25, November 8 and 15

Led by Sheila Hayman, award winning film maker and writer and founder of Write to Life which is funded by Freedom from Torture, we are running creative writing workshops to produce new work that will be read at the next concert, Music and Body on November 29th. This new writing explores the body as both saviour and burden and will interleave the music of  the concert programme. As Sheila puts it: 'For those writing for an audience, creative writing in collaboration with other artists has a particular power. Its emotional force is concentrated into a few essential words, and the rocket fuel of longing, hope or anger can be sheathed with the seductive beauty of music or visual images. These elements together will seduce readers who would run a mile from a rant or an op-ed, dissolving their defences into simple human empathy.' Towards the end of the creative process, the writers and musicians will work together to decide how best to present the performance. 

We look forward immensely to hearing the new work that will be produced at the concert on Friday 29th November. 

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Music and Soul

Creative Writing Workshop

By NW Live in association with the Soldiers’ Arts Academy and the Free Space Project


May 3rd, 24th, 26th and  June 7 2019

The Community Hall, Sir Oswald Stoll Mansions, 446 Fulham Rd, London SW6 1DT

Clean Break Studios, 2 Patshull Road, London NW5 2BL

Rehearsals: June 14th and 21st The Atrium, Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, NW5 2BX


Please contact Caroline Heslop if you would like to take part


What does it feel like to return home to face your family, your friends and your community after experiencing the trauma of war? For these workshops, we are inviting ex service personnel to explore their experience of homecoming to produce a new drama called The Way. This will be performed in a double bill with Stravinsky’s iconic The Soldier’s Tale in our concert on June 28th at The Atrium, Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road NW5 2BX.


We are using the return of Odysseus, an archetypal soldier, as our starting point. Odysseus returned home having fought in the Trojan wars and was not welcomed in to his community and his home until he had faced four tests of recognition. Exploring this idea of being tested in contemporary life, we are inviting writers and actors from the Soldier’s Arts Academy and Help for Heroes to work together with 5 musicians, composer Caroline Heslop and award winning writer/director, Nicola Sanderson to create an inspiring new drama in four contrasting episodes with moments of comedy as well as serious and moving pieces, lasting 25-30 minutes. These will be framed by musical interludes played by the NW Live Ensemble directed by Caroline Heslop.


These workshops are funded by an Arts Council Project Grant, the Free Space Project, the Helen Roll Charity and Waitrose Community Matters

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Statue of the ancient Greek hero Odysseu

Music and Mind Creative Writing Workshop

by NW Live in association with the Free Space Project 

November 2,9 and 23rd 14.00 - 16.30

Free Space Project, Kentish Town Health Centre,
2 Bartholomew Road, London, NW5 2BX

How does listening to and engaging with music affect your wellbeing? Join us for a series of three workshops exploring the relationship of music and mind through creative writing, spoken word and poetry.


All work produced will be published on the NW Live and Free Space websites. There will also be an opportunity to share, perform or have work performed at the concert ‘Music and Mind’, November 30th 7.30pm at Kentish Town Health Centre. 


This concert explores the relationship of music and mind with a creative mix of Indian and European classical music, combining spoken word and performances by the Alkyona string quartet, actress Saskia Reeves and renowned Tabla player, Kuljit  Bhamra. There are forty tickets available, free to low income Camden residents and those who participate in the workshops. This will allow you to experience high quality performance in an unusual community venue. 


Please contact Melissa Hardwick ( ) if you would like a free ticket for the concert. Other tickets will be on sale @£8


NW Live is a new concert organisation in Camden, producing workshops and concerts that reimagine classical and world music in neighbourhood venues.


This workshop is funded by Culture Seeds.