#AsYouSeeIt 2 – Belonging

Open Call | Our musicians need you!

#AsYouSeeIt 2 Gallery

Welcome to NW Live Art’s Online Creative Project #AsYouSeeIt 2.

The last year has been very challenging in many ways, yet we continue to be amazed by the wonderful resilience and creativity of our community. Our musicians have been missing their audience and so we invited you to dig out your crayons, paints and cameras, and inspire them with your own artistic creations!

We asked for creative responses to the theme of ‘belonging’ and and were overwhelmed with the drawings, paintings and photos sent to us showing what ‘belonging’ means to you.

Submissions have been uploaded into a project gallery for everyone to enjoy. Our musicians selected a handful of images from the gallery which really inspire them, and are responding to these pictures with a short improvised performance. Their performances will be filmed and uploaded to our website in split screen alongside their chosen pictures.

During lockdown, we’ve all had a heightened sense of our place in the world; how we connect to our family, friends, strangers, our home and the world around us. #AsYouSeeIt gave everyone a voice for their creativity and to our sense of belonging. We welcomed artwork from all ages.

We continue to share our musician’s reactions and performances on our social media page, so don’t forget to follow us at @nwlivearts and #AsYouSeeIt2